Tell Gov. Cuomo to Keep His Promise

We are so close to victory. For the past several months, Brooklyn NAACP has joined with families of New Yorkers who have been killed by police have been working hard to urge Gov. Cuomo to enact an executive order to appoint a special prosecutor for all police killings. After several trips to New York’s state capital, protests, and a meeting with the Governor, Governor Cuomo announced his intention to give Attorney General Eric Schneiderman authority to investigate and prosecute police killings.  But there’s a catch. Read more

Can you make a call right now?

Your voice is needed to make Albany take action on important legislation before the end of the legislative session tomorrow. Can you make a phone call right now to demand our legislators take action on these important issues before they go home? Read more

Meet Justice L. Priscilla Hall, 2015 Legal Leadership Honoree

The Honorable L. Priscilla Hall was named a Justice of the Appellate Division, Second Department, by New York State Governor David Paterson on March 18, 2009. Prior to this appointment she served as the Administrative Judge of the Supreme Court, Kings County Criminal Term. Read more

Meet Akua Soadwa, 2015 Valiant Service Honoree

Akua Soadwa is a visionary. She creates movements, moments and monumental shifts within individuals, families and communities. Read more


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