ACTION ALERT: Police Discipline Must Not Be Controlled By Police Unions

We need to take immediate action to stop a bill that would give police unions control over discipline for police wrongdoing. These bills (S7801/A9853) would seriously undermine the authority of local governments to take disciplinary action regarding police misconduct. Read more

Rallying for Justice

Join Brooklyn Branch President L. Joy Williams and the Brooklyn NAACP as we pack the court on Wed 10/15, 11:30AM at 40 Foley Square. A press conference will be held prior to oral argument regarding the NYPD police unions attempt to block Stop & Frisk reform at the Thurgood Marshall Federal Courthouse. We want the entire Brooklyn family to pack the courthouse in support of justice and the right to travel throughout New York City without suffering undue harassment and/or being filtered through "the system." 


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