Release Jazmine Headley Now


BROOKLYN -- There is absolutely no reason that Jazmine Headley should be sitting on Rikers Island right now, separated from her son. The Brooklyn NAACP calls for her immediate release.

Ms. Headley went to the Brooklyn SNAP program office seeking assistance for her family, instead she was met with the callousness, abuse of power, and excessive force that too many people of color in our city and across this nation face every day.

While there are several investigations pending on the encounter Ms. Headley and her son should not be the only one’s suffering, she should be released without delay.

Those who are responsible for this irrational act and Ms. Headley's subsequent detention should be held accountable for their actions.


For more information about this case read the NY Times article below
‘Appalling’ Video Shows the Police Yanking 1-Year-Old From His Mother’s Arms

L Joy Williams