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Join Brooklyn NAACP at our 2018 annual organizing meeting and help the branch and our committees plan activities and programs for the remainder of the year. 

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration
1368 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11216

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Breakfast & Lunch Donation


9:00 AM - Breakfast & Welcome
Branch President opens the morning with a review of our accomplishments in 2017, review the resolutions and directives from the National office and the State Conference and set our theme for 2018.

9:30 AM - NAACP Organizing Training
Members will receive training on the structure and purpose of the NAACP, social justice advocacy and review the purpose of our Game Changers.

10:30 AM - Game Changer Breakouts
Committee Chairs will lead breakout discussions and develop an action plan. The Game Changer committees include the issues of Civic Engagement, Criminal Justice, Economic Empowerment, Education, Health and Youth Council. 
The Youth Council breakout is open to those 17 years and under.

12:00 PM - Membership Lunch
During lunch we will hear from a special guest speaker and discuss how to increase increase our branch membership.

1:00 PM - Adjournment



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