We've been here before

2015-05-04_09.45.55.pngIf you have a chance, please pick up a copy of today’s Daily News or click here to read an op-ed I co-wrote with Rashad Robinson, the Executive Director of Color for Change, urging Governor Cuomo to appoint a special prosecutor in cases involving police violence.

As outlined in the piece, Governor Cuomo has the power to take a stand for justice and take steps toward restoring public confidence in our justice system and must do so without delay.

We’ve been here before. 

In 1949, after multiple cases of brutality and deaths at the hands of police officers in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn branch launched a campaign to urge Governor Dewey to appoint a special prosecutor to handle the cases.

To view the original petition and other historical articles click here. 

The time has come for Governor Cuomo to do what Governor Dewey would not, and stand up for justice and equal protection under the law for all New Yorkers.


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