Call Governor Cuomo to Veto S7801/A9853

  1. Call Governor Cuomo on Thursday (518-474-8390) between the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM and ask him to veto S7801/A9853.
  2. Mail a copy of the letter below on your own letterhead to the governor. (Click here to download a blank letter)
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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
New York State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Re: Veto Bill S7801/A9853

Dear Governor Cuomo:

I wish to express my strong opposition to recently passed legislation (S7801/A9853) that places control of police discipline within collective bargaining agreements, and urge you to veto it. This bill would strip local public officials of disciplinary authority over the police officers they employ, which would have a detrimental impact on the accountability of local police departments, and thus safety and public confidence in the police. There have been eight prior attempts to make this legislation law, and Governors Mario Cuomo, George Pataki, Eliot Spitzer, and David Patterson have vetoed this legislation the past several times that law enforcement unions have lobbied for its passage in or near an election year. As Governor Pataki simply stated in defense of his veto in 2006: “[Decisions] relating to the discipline of law enforcement officers should be made by publicly accountable officials.”[1]

Police unions have continuously sought to roll back the Court of Appeals decisions from 2006 and 2012 that stated publicly accountable officials should determine disciplinary procedures for local police forces rather than collective bargaining agreements. Town of Wallkill v Civ. Serv. Employees Ass'n, Inc., 19 NY3d 1066, 1069 (2012) citing Matter of Patrolmen's Benevolent Assn., 6 N.Y.3d at 571, 815 N.Y.S.2d 1, 848 N.E.2d 448. Both decisions cite the strong policy considerations weighing in favor of maintaining public officials’ control over the police.

These same strong public policy concerns compel me to write you today. This legislation would inhibit local law enforcement officials, police commissioners and governments from holding police departments accountable to the public over which they exercise a great deal of power. Courts ruled against collective bargaining agreements controlling disciplinary procedures for good reasons. It would remove fundamental disciplinary authority from police commissioners and other publicly accountable elected officials.

I urge you to veto S7801/A9853 and uphold the principle that police departments serve the public interest, must be held accountable by public officials, and are not rulers over the communities they are charged to protect and serve. Elected officials and their publicly accountable appointees should not have to bargain for the ability to discipline their police force.

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  • signed 2014-12-25 14:04:24 -0500
    The Real Issues

    I believe a person with your skills as a film maker would want to express and direct others to focus on all of the issues, particularly the origin of this existing thought process and the residue of violence we’re experiencing now.

    This condition is the dysfunctional mentality and behavior of the police and people in the neighborhood. Being a person that grew up in a predominately black neighborhood that turn from peaceful to dangerous. It was the mind set of the individuals in the neighborhood performing poorly, some involving themself in activities that warranted police suspicions while this causes others to experience unwarranted scrutiny from the authorities either do to their color of their skin or their attire. Many of these individuals don’t understand the law of submission when they are confronted by authority figures. This law may allow us to choose a more effective way of dealing with these type of individuals (police, etc). There are no absolutes with this law as well, but after watching the video on YouTube of the husband and father of six that died whom was the victim of a choke hold by a police officer could have went home if he had complied with the officer’s questions and request. He was apart of the problem and a poor example for the people in his home and communitee.

    Many times our actions and reactions may cause us to become self imposed victims. My Mom was a single parent raising four children in a gang ridden, drug infested environment but her standard of character and literally fighting to be her best was a great example which kept us from joining the dysfunctional behavior patterns around us. I believe the police have become dysfunctional because they have been dealing with people whom are performing poorly and dispite the police Academy training in dealing with the communities, they have lost respect for the humanity of the people they serve and have become apathetic. In addition the police have a awkward blend of authority and fear which erodes proper judgement and leads to the use of excessive force to compensate. With the large number of recruits added to the rank of the police forces, one must wonder how indepth are the psychological evaluations or if any on new recruits. Poor self images and diminished people skills backed up by a gun is a deadly combination. The minds of these citizens and police officers have been demoralized by what they see and hear around them, which includes the media, music, the politicians, and anarchist like AL Sharpton whom profit from racial discord.

    The problem is not white on black or police on citizen it’s the unfortunate condition society as whole has created.

    It starts with citizen on citizen crime in these communities. It appears we are so used to turning on ourselves that in the face of possible social injustice we react by destroying our own communities, looting, rioting etc, what message are we actually sending.

    It’s safer for the people to protest against the police because the police are held by law to some degree. But the same type of protest aren’t launch against the ones whom have been killing families, using children to move and carry their product for profit, killing police, forcing women into prostitution, stealing each others personal property and robbing the very stores that supply their neighborhood with what it needs etc.These individuals that represent the real problem in all the communities in which they live have lost a good portion of their moral compass, they are not held by any inner self regulating standard of behavior. The drug dealers, thieves and gang members have used fear so well they can survive and even thrive because we the larger portion in these community have learn to coexist with the dangers, while they are DESTROYING our neighborhoods.

    Until we fight for our neighborhoods, citizen together with the police, from the true problem and hold the men in our neighborhoods to a greater standard and honor to cherish and protect the women and children we will always be back in the news media, tv, in need of more government sponsored ineffective programs which are emotionally and mentally handicapping individuals. These programs seem to have a benefit in discussion, on paper, even it’s humanistic design and in the way it supposedly resonates with the human heart, but in the long term these aproaches work to enslave the individuals to a lower standard against human development and empowerment. Marching and protesting works when the goal is supported by a sound foundation by targeting true and real problems, this current effort is just creating more hatred while the real problem continues on.
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    #ACTIONALERT: Call Governor Cuomo to Veto S7801/A9853. Police Discipline Must Not Be Controlled By Police Unions.
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    Please consider this opinion.


    Yassi Davoodi
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    #ACTIONALERT: Call Governor Cuomo to Veto S7801/A9853. Police Discipline Must Not Be Controlled By Police Unions.
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