Know Your Vote Status

ATTENTION BROOKLYN: In 2015 the Board of elections cancelled the voter registration of close to 200,000 people, 75% of which were residents of Brooklyn. Do you know your vote status?


Voter registration is permanent in New York, however if a registered voter doesn't vote for several elections the Board of Elections (BOE) will remove their name from poll books and label them "inactive". Additionally, the BOE will regularly send a "Notice of Intent to Cancel" to registered voters who they believe have moved, been convicted of a felony or passed away. If a registered voter does not respond to the notice their voter registration is cancelled.

Unfortunately, some of those cancellations could be an error and you might show up to vote on Election Day only to discover your name has been removed from poll worker book and listed as "inactive" or your registration has been cancelled.

As a part of the Civic Engagement Committee "Brooklyn Votes Campaign" Brooklyn NAACP will be educating Brooklyn residents on this issue and in addition to registering new voters, we will be helping to re-register voters who had their registration cancelled or labeled "inactive".

For more information and to join the Civic Engagement Committee, join the committee Google Group here.



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