Brooklyn Justice Volunteers

Join the Brooklyn Branch in our ongoing work to seek justice and pursue reform of the criminal justice system. Listed below are a few ways you can join our work either by participating in trainings or getting involved in our Criminal Justice or Legal Redress Committees.

  • Know Your Rights Train the Trainer: Learn how to hit the streets and teach the Brooklyn community about their rights when interacting with law enforcement.
  • Precinct Watch Training: Learn how to help the branch hold Brooklyn police precincts accountable and responsive to the local community.
  • Criminal Justice Committee: Join the Criminal Justice Committee and assist with the development of the Branch criminal justice action plans which advocate for decrease in violence, advancing voter and employment rights of the formerly incarcerated and to downscale prisons while shifting dollars/resources from prisons to schools.
  • Legal Redress Committee: Join the Legal Redress Committee and assist with investigating discrimination complaints, overseeing litigation in which the Branch is interested in and communicate with the National Office and Branch members on the progression of discrimination cases. Please note, the Legal Redress Committee does not give general legal advice.

How will you help us pursue justice and reform the criminal justice system?


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