Judge Rules NYPD's 'Stop-And-Frisk' Unconstitutional

In a 195-page decision issued this morning, the judge, Shira A. Scheindlin, ruled that the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy is unconstitutional and appointed an independent monitor to ensure that the NYPD carries out stop-and-frisks in accordance with the US constitution. 

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  • commented 2015-02-21 11:40:19 -0500
    Judge Rules NYPD’s ‘Stop-And-Frisk’ Unconstitutional http://bit.ly/1GeRlh5 via @brooklynnaacp
  • commented 2013-12-25 09:42:04 -0500
    If the stop and frisk was deemed unconstitutional then surely this should reverse the outcome with hundreds of thousands of black men unconstitutionally imprisoned as a result of selective enforcement of law stemming back from New Jersey when the practice was first unveiled. This selective practice has done nothing but spread throughout the police departments nation wide causing black men to be the most sort after to be stopped no questions asked, then frisked and ultimately robbed of freedom. Black men are the majority imprisoned and the minority in reference to the total population. The stats clearly supports the inequality with respect to the latter, employment, education, prison and everything else in life when compared to other cultures in this country. Black men need protection from the law, from government, from corporations, and from the living conditions in ghettos. More has to be done, I’m tired of people waiving this off like its ok or normal. Change has to come from the top starting with the State and Government laws that directly effect blacks.
  • commented 2013-12-23 03:09:53 -0500
    Thank you


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