How will you vote tomorrow?

Election Day is tomorrow Tuesday, November 4th and if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to make your plan to vote.

Do you know your polling site? To lookup your poll site click here or visit to verify your registration status and poll location.

Do you know who you are voting for? On tomorrow’s ballot will be candidates for Governor, State Senate, State Assembly, Congressional Representatives and Judges. Click here to view the 2014 Voter Guide to learn more about the candidates on your ballot.

Do you know the issues on the ballot? There are three propositions on the back of your ballot tomorrow, so remember after you vote for your preferred candidates on the front, TURN THE BALLOT OVER. The Proposed propositions are as follows: 

  • Proposition #1 - A proposed amendment to the NYS Constitution to revise state redistricting procedures. Brooklyn NAACP strongly urges you to VOTE NO on this proposition. Click here to read more on our position.
  • Proposition #2 - Allows for electronic versions of bills in the State Legislature rather than requiring paper copies.
  • Proposition # 3 - The Smart Schools Bond Act authorizes the state to borrow $2 billion to improve access to technology in public and non-public schools.

Go to vote early and don’t go to the polls alone. Bring a friend, a relative or a neighbor. VOTE and let your voice be heard!

NAACP is non-partisan and does not endorse any candidates.

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