Tell Gov. Cuomo To Keep His Promise


Governor Andrew Cuomo

Introduce yourself and explain the issue:


I am a resident of New York and a member of Brooklyn NAACP. I am calling to strongly urge Gov. Cuomo to sign the right executive order that will grant authority to the NYS Attorney General to investigate and prosecute police officers who kill. 

We demand a comprehensive and effective executive order for a special prosecutor where:

  • Attorney General Schneiderman has full power to investigate and prosecute all cases where a police officer kills a civilian, whether they are armed or not, and deaths in police custody 
  • There is no pre-determined end date or time limit for the appointment
  • There are adequate resources to ensure the special prosecutor functions can be fully implemented

Every day, police unjustly harass, abuse and kill those they are meant to serve and protect. It is time for Gov. Cuomo to sign the right executive order for a special prosecutor.

Thank you,


A couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • Be polite and calm. While we might be angry, we need to send a consistent message that can't be twisted to discredit us.
  • Stick to the message provided, but feel free to express it in your own words.
  • Read the script once or twice before calling, and even practice saying it aloud if you like.


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