Commit to Resist

10711000_10152728635116387_6324870197206319306_n.jpgLast night I joined a nationwide conference call with President & CEO Cornell William Brooks to hear how NAACP is taking action across the country on issues related to police violence against Black citizens and I wanted to give you an update.

As you know, our national headquarters is in Baltimore and in light of recent events the national office together with the Baltimore Branch have opened a satellite office in the Sandtown neighborhood of Baltimore to provide direct resources and assistance to the many who are protesting and raising their voice to demand justice and transparency in the death of Freddie Gray. The community will be able to report police brutality and racial profiling and legal staff will be present to both train residents and provide much needed legal services.

In addition to providing direct service in communities like Baltimore, we continue the hard work of advocating for policy and legislative action to address police violence and accountability. Our recently released report "Born Suspect" not only highlights the racial profiling and brutality people of color face everyday from law enforcement but also serves as a call to action for branches across the country to work toward ending ineffective policing practices that target our communities.

Here at home, we are taking action on these recommendations and both our civic engagement and justice reform committees are advancing a legislative agenda on the city and state level. We are supporting proposals such as the "Right to Know Act" currently before the New York City Council and urging Governor Cuomo to issue an executive order to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate cases of police violence. We are also actively fighting bills like S04260 in the New York State Senate that would make it a felony to resist arrest.

We need you to join us in this ongoing fight for justice and to commit to resist against racial profiling and police violence. I resist the notion that we must accept these frequent deaths to maintain law and order in communities of color. No other community suffers this level of death, brutality and violation of their rights as citizens and we must continue to resist until change occurs.

I joined NAACP because I believe in our mission to ensure we live in a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race. I am committed to resist against any and all individuals and policies that continue to perpetuate institutional racism and discrimination.

Join me, and lets commit to resist together.

Towards Justice,

L. Joy Williams

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