Co-Location Decision Making Process is Flawed

The Brooklyn Branch was contacted by parents and school administrators over the proposed co-location at Langston Hughes/P.S. 233 and Meyer Levin Middle School within District 18 in Brooklyn. The manner in which DOE has conducted this process is not only unfair but is completely disrespectful to the students, parents and larger school community. 

Both myself and the 1st Vice-President, Lorraine Braitwaite-Harte visited both schools and spoke with branch members and community leaders knowledgeable about the co-location decision making process in New York City Schools. The NAACP sued the New York City Department of Education back in 2011 over the co-location process and certainly a number of the issues cited back then are still a challenge today. Below is a letter we sent to the Chancellor regarding this issue. 

Brooklyn NAACP Raises Concerns Regarding the Co-Location Decision Making Process

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