We face a critical time in the ongoing battle for civil rights. Over the past year since the Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v Holder, we have witnessed several states place restrictive measures on voting rights that disproportionately affect African-Americans as well as engage in extreme redistricting. To combat this assault on our freedom we will need a new call to arms. It is incumbent upon us to renew our dedication to registering voters and encouraging registered voters to vote in their local as well as national elections. We need to take our cue from those freedom fighters of 50 years ago; we need another Freedom Summer.

Freedom Summer, also known as the Mississippi Summer Project, was a civil rights organizing campaign launched in June of 1964 in which over 1,000 out of state volunteers and thousands of Mississippians registered voters, set up Freedom Schools, provided legal assistance and medical care to African- Americans.

Brooklyn NAACP will honor the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer by engaging our members and volunteers in a borough-wide civic engagement project to register, educate and empower voters and residents in Brooklyn.




 Upcoming Voter Registration Events

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