Take a few minutes to get vote ready by taking these quick few steps.

  1. Check your vote status. Confirm your voter registration and your party identification. Remember, you must be registered in the Democratic or Republican party to vote in that party's primary.
  2. Find your polling site. You may remember your poll site but sometimes they change. Confirm your polling site and see a sample ballot.
  3. Save the dates. We have 3 more elections to go this year. Add these upcoming election dates to your calendar.

More Information About the Presidential Primary

If you are a registered Republican. You will be given a ballot with the presidential candidates listed. You will choose one of the candidates and will NOT vote for delegates. Some of the candidates have withdrawn from the race but are still listed on the ballot. Delegates for the Republican Party’s national convention are selected by the state’s Republican Committee.

If you are a registered Democrat. You will be voting for one of the Presidential candidates AND delegates for the democratic convention. Delegates will be distributed by the number of votes each Presidential candidate receives. Based on the population of your congressional district, you will vote for 5-7 delegates. The delegates are listed in a separate column next to the column of Presidential candidates; the name of the candidate that they are pledged to support is indicated under the delegate’s name.

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