What:  Day After the Grand Jury Verdict Action


When:  The day after the grand jury verdict is official announced.  5:30pm if the action falls on a weekday.  1pm if the action falls on a Saturday.


Where: Foley Square (J/Z to Chambers, 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall)


Why:  On July 17, NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Eric Garner in a chokehold while others officers forced him to the ground and then stood by and watched him die. Two weeks ago – more than two months later – Staten Island District Attorney Donovan finally convened a grand jury. 


Everyday we see a new video or hear a new report of NYPD brutality.  Many of these incidents have escalated directly from hyper-aggressive enforcement of minor offenses in communities of color (aka Broken Windows policing). 


Enough is enough!  Last Monday Ohio protesters took over Beavercreek police station.  This weekend, people from all over the country have descended on Ferguson.  It is time for New Yorkers to rise up!  One of the best ways we can express solidarity with other cities is to stand up for justice is our own.


We don’t know what the outcome of the grand jury will be.  We do know that the NYPD’s unjust killing of Eric Garner is one among many, that killer cops are almost never held accountable and that our communities experience violence daily resulting from Broken Windows and other forms of abusive policing.


No matter the verdict, come out the day after the verdict is announced to demand:

•An end to Broken Windows Policing

•A DOJ Investigation into the excessive force policies and practices of the NYPD

•Full accountability for all officers responsible for Eric’s death



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